I would like to get ideas from our readers on the different tools they use to enhance their productivity.  Healthcare documentation/medical transcription can be a challenging and in many cases a demanding career.  What are your ideas and the different methods that you use to maintain and increase your productivity? Are there certain tools that you feel you cannot do without? I know for myself I would be lost without my text expander. What a boost that has been to my production.

Here are some suggestions I have been given to use.

Do you have a program that saves all of your various passwords instead of having them written on a sheet of paper somewhere or on “sticky notes” around your computer, or even more difficult, try to remember the passwords for different programs?

Do you take advantage of the various calendars available, such as Outlook or Google, to simplify your life?  How do you keep track of your necessary meetings and appointments?

Please give us some of your tips on how you maintain your focus when you are working, especially if you are like so many of us and working from your home office?  What tips do you have for us on how to minimize distractions and intrusions on your working hours?

These are just a couple of questions and ideas that I have on ways to worker smarter, not harder, in trying to maintain or increase productivity.  I hope that you will share some of your productivity hints and tools here on the Lounge for all of our readers’ benefit.

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