The AHDI National Leadership Board, staff and volunteers spend a great deal of time during the year discussing and planning our annual meeting:  Where to have it, what kind of topics, activities, vendors, etc.  Do you have any ideas or thoughts about how you would like the AHDI annual meetings structured?  What have you not seen at an annual meeting that you would like to see?  Any particular topics you would like to see in a presentation?   How about other activities to bring our members together, professionally and socially?  What information do you need to make your job easier?  We would love to have  your thoughts and ideas to make our annual meetings more meaningful and valuable to you.  Although we go through the evaluation forms with a fine-tooth comb to pull out important information about your experience at a meeting, how about those who aren’t attending?  What would make a trip to an annual meeting attractive and valuable for you?  Please share!

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