I’d love to get some conversation going about the different ways that healthcare documentation specialists are using their skills in the current environment.  For myself, I am still in traditional transcription.   The doctors dictate, I transcribe, but I actually work within the electronic medical record for the practice.  The notes are transcribed and pasted into the EMR and the doctors sign off.  I also update diagnoses, add and delete medications and update other data fields for the physicians.  I am using my skills as an MT to assist the physicians in this way, which is quite beneficial for them.  I work from home part-time doing this and I really enjoy it.  I know I’m not performing transcription duties as many of you are, such as with speech recognition editing, but I would love to hear what a day is is like in your world.  How has your job evolved over time?  I have seen it go from typewriters with carbon paper to word processing to computers and the internet.  What a transition!  I hope you will take a minute to comment on my post.  I have been a member of AHDI and before that AAMT, since 1983 when our Tidewater Chapter became recognized.  I have learned a lot about many different medical topics and technology over the years from attending local, state, regional and national meetings.  Many times in social situations a topic will come up and I have been able to say, “I attended a talk about this” and have been able to add to the conversation.  You never know when that little piece of knowledge will help you out, especially in  your job duties!    Yes, our profession is in transition, but so are other professions.  We’re not the only ones affected by technology.  You can use your skills to continue your work in healthcare documentation or related fields.  Stay informed, stay connected and continue educating yourself!

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